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Dr HHD Bhardwaj

Dr. HHD Bhardwaj

About Dr. HHD Bhardwaj

Dr. HHD Bhardwaj is the founder, Director of Wonder Healing Foundation, SE-395, Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad. He is MBBS, MD having clinical experience of 20 years as Family Physician. He is having the special interest in drugless healing. His passion in the field of a Subconscious world of mystic power led him to learn the art and science of Hypnotherapy and Clinical NLP from California Hypnosis Institute, USA.He is practicing Past Life Regression Therapy for last 7 years with unbelievable results.

He has regularly conducted lectures, workshops, and training of Hypnotherapy and individual and group healing sessions.

Objectives Of The Foundation

  • To create awareness about Past Life Regression and Progression around the world.
  • To bring home the truths of Reincarnation, Law of Karma and Life after death. Knowledge from Ancient Masters like Patanjali, Mahavir and Buddha has helped initiate research activities.
  • To help people gain clarity by resolving the past and enjoying the present moment.
  • To help everyone in their soul evolution & spiritual transformation.
  • To guide people to heal themselves by assisting them to understand their karmic patterns and help them to come out of diseases (physical/mental), fears & phobias and resolving relationship issues.
  • To spread the message of universal love, peace, brotherhood, friendship etc.,. which are all beyond any particular religion, creed or community etc.